Auger Sampling

The JBLCo Auger Sampling System provides fast and accurate sampling from trucks or railcars. The JBLCo Auger System combines portability with permanency in its design. Designed as a two-part module system (see photos), the JBLCo Auger System can be assembled on the customer’s site in one day. The system can be supplied with an auger ranging from twelve inches to twenty-four inches in size.

The secondary processing systems come complete with the same subsystem used by the JBLCo Clean Sweep® Samplers. This secondary system includes the Uncrushed Material Feeder (UMF), JBLCo Hammer-mill Crusher, Crushed Material Feeder (CMF), and Secondary Sampler. The JBLCo Auger System is designed to accurately and efficiently sample hundreds of trucks or railcars per day.

The control cab comes with a climate controlled operator area with easy to use controls. The control cab can be designed to house typical truck scale systems and communication equipment.

Options include a sample collection carousel and various reject coal configurations designed for your application.